Crashed somewhere not nice

"Johnny Storm," she said loudly, while repairing the wall that had fallen down. She watched the screen and, as usual, it didn’t work. They were talking like always did, at night, with him eating his chocolate and she drinking tea, music loud the hide the Daleks and everything working all right. Then the screen had gone black and the Daleks had started an attack. They didn’t need to sleep and kept her under siege for the whole week, stopping only a few hours before. It was the portal, bigger now, that was going to either bring her home thanks to Khloe or let her be killed by the Daleks who were destroying her protections quicker thanks to it.

She wiped a trail of blood from her forehead - a plank fallen on her head - and cleaned her hand on her shirt. She had changed with one of her co-workers uniforms, packed her stuff and left all of it next to the portal who was growing in the kitchen.

Then she heard the click of the call opening again and ran to her chair. “Johnny!” she almost yelled, stopping at the chair barely breathing. Johnny was dressed exactly like the last time they had talked, same hair, same chocolate, everything the same.